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John C. Dunphy Private Foundation proudly presents Friends of the Grange (FOG) with a check

Sayville, NY – September 25th 2015 – ​Karlyn Grasso, Public Relations Director of the “John C. Dunphy Private Foundation” proudly presents “Friends of the Grange” (FOG) with a check in the amount of $50,000. Robert Reichel, owner of “Weeks & Reichel Printing” and Member of the “Sayville Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors” presents a check to “FOG” in the amount of $4,000 in behalf of the “Sayville Chamber of Commerce.” President of the Sayville Chamber of Commerce is John Cox.

Graciously accepting the funds is Henry Fiorillo, President of FOG and owner of “Sampson Business Solutions & Accounting Firm.”

With mutual appreciation, present (from Left to Right) are Sgt. William Max Kent of the 67th NY Regiment Co. K; Suffolk County Legislator Bill Lindsay; Islip Councilwoman Trish Bergin; 67th NY Regiment Co. K  Captain Joe Bilardello; Islip Supervisor Angi Carpenter, Islip Receiver of Taxes Alexis Weik, Owner of Weeks & Reichel Printing and Sayville Chamber of Commerce Board member Robert Reichel; Islip Councilman John Cochrane; Historian George Munkenbeck; FOG Event Coordinator Frank Grasso; President of FOG Henry Fiorillo; John C. Dunphy Private Foundation Public Relations Officer Karlyn Grasso; Islip Councilman Steve Flotteron; 1861 Village Character Michael Freed; Islip Town Clerk Olga Murray and 1861 Village Character Sheryl Freed.

In the framed portrait of the man being held by Frank Grasso is John C. Dunphy.

Photography by Spelman Photography Studios located in Sayvile, NY.

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