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Location InfoThe Water Mill, Sayville, New York, 1895


Before the days of water hydrants the only source of water was a well or pump in each home.  The farms and large estates all had wind-driven water mills to pump water for both domestic and agricultural uses.  Often used to fill stock ponds and water tanks to create pressure for indoor plumbing these once were a common sight throughout Long Island.  Built in 1895 for the Powell family for their home on the Great South Bay located at the end of Handsome Avenue and Greene Avenue, this working windmill was moved in either 1914 or 1920 by Arthur Udell to his home on Johnson Avenue, (near Veteran’s Memorial Highway) Bohemia. The move was made by wagon and team and the water mill supplied water for his land which featured large vegetable and flower gardens as well as fish grottos that used the water supplied by the mill.  The farm windmill was moved to the Islip Grange in 1975 through the efforts of community groups such as Sayville Rotary and other citizens of the town who were aware of its intrinsic value is a true piece of Americana. This is a fine example of a farm water – pumping mill and may be one of the last of its type on Long Island still capable of working.  The mill was donated by Ray Korber.